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Build. Grow. Serve. Develop.

Life is better together!

We love our moments together at our Weekend Experiences, but we also recognize the need for connection and community with others beyond the weekends. X Groups are small groups of friends that get together on a regular basis to learn how to do life together. It’s an environment where you can Build Relationships, Grow Spiritually, Serve Others and Develop Leadership within yourself.

We offer many different types of groups to help you connect with people who are in a similar stage of life, or just close to where you live. Our X Groups turn the message that was preached during the Experience into practical lessons and actions that will transform your life forever. The links below will begin the journey of finding community in your life because we truly believe, life is better together!

Questions about God, Jesus or the Bible?

If you have questions about the Christian faith, are a new Christian, or are returning to church for the first time in years, we have a conversational environment where you can explore faith and experience community. Explore is a 8-week conversational group that meets during one of the Worship Experiences. It’s a non-threatening environment where you can explore faith.

Questions about Groups?

If you have any questions regarding the options for groups, email our Groups Team and we’ll be glad to help you any way we can.