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Serving Changes Lives

You Can Make A Difference

Every week lives are being changed at X Church. The reason so many people are finding life change is because of the many Servant Leaders who give of their time to serve each weekend. From the parking lot to the auditorium, we know that every role is significant in leaving a lasting impression. Our Servant Leaders are what makes X Church what it is. There are many ways to get involved.

Guest Services

If you love to meet new people and make them feel welcome, this is the area for you.

X Kids

If you love being around kids and want to help them discover Jesus, this area is for you.


If you enjoy youth and want make a difference in the next generation, this area is for you.


If you love computers, cameras and technology – this area is for you. No experience required.

Safety & Medical

If you tend to run toward emergencies rather than from them, this area is for you.

Campus Administration

If you are organized and like helping behind the scenes, this area is for you.

Before You Serve!

When it comes to being a part of our Servant Leader community, we want to invest in you and prepare to use your gifts and skills to serve others.  For that reason, we require everyone to graduate XU prior to becoming a Servant Leader at X Church.  XU is a short growth-track designed to help you connect with the DNA of our church and grow in your faith.  Ultimately, we want something for you and not from you.  That is why we invest in you before we encourage you to invest in others!