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Build the House FAQs

Questions and answers about Build the House

What is BUILD THE HOUSE About?

Build The House was our 2-year campaign to launch us toward our Vision of Reaching Thousands, Giving Away Millions. This is our strategy for the step in the future of our church. It is our desire to reach thousands of people with a message of hope through Jesus and to be a church that invests millions of dollars each year in outreach efforts across our city.

In order to accomplish this vision, we have begun our strategy with building a new facility in Canal Winchester. We are moving our campus in Lithopolis into this new building with the hopes of growing by thousands more. This facility will also be used for broadcasting our message to our Lancaster Campus, our Online Campus and future campuses we plan to launch.

Does Your Church Really Need a Bigger Building?

We know, building a new facility is very expensive. However, sometimes you just need more room. Simply put, we are out of space at our Lithopolis Campus. National studies have shown that when a church reaches 70-75% capacity during their primary Weekend Experience (between 10:30-11am), growth is very limited. We have added multiple experiences to allow our church to continue to grow. However, the fact remains that we simply are out of room.

We have a desire to create space so people who are far from God can experience life-change. Building a larger facility isn’t something we want, it is something we need if we are going to continue reaching people who are in need of Christ. We are not only designing this facility for live worship, but also for broadcasting to the internet, our Lancaster Campus and future campuses.

What Will the New Facility Look Like?

This new facility will be a state-of-the-art kids and adult worship facility with spacious common areas for the community. The facility is just over 60,000 sq. ft. with around 1200 seats in the adult auditorium. This site will have over 750 parking spaces to accommodate large events and Weekend Experiences. We are most excited about the gathering areas in the foyer where people can connect with friends and family before and after our Weekend Experiences.

We have some exterior and interior renderings of the new facility on this website. Take a peek at what we are building here.

When Will This New Campus Open?

Our projected timeframe for opening this new campus in Canal Winchester is late Summer of 2020. Of course, weather plays a big role in these dates…and we live in Ohio. So, check back here for future updates including our Grand Opening date.

Can Anyone Participate in BUILD THE HOUSE?

Absolutely. In fact, it takes hundreds, if not thousands of families, to accomplish a vision like this. There is always room for you in our community. If you wish to find out more about being part of a church with a mission – visit If you want to help us toward our goal of giving away millions, you can give online here.

Can I Give Online?

Yes! We encourage people to use our online giving and make it very easy to do so. Simply visit and setup an account. We have found that online giving helps us remain faithfully committed to honoring God with our giving.

We also have made it easy to give via smart phone. Simply text any dollar amount (eg. $100) to 614.524.5373. The first time you will receive a text to setup a safe and secure account. After that, you simply text the dollar amount, and you are done!

Can I Give Non-Cash Gifts to Help BUILD THE HOUSE?

Yes. There are often major tax savings when gifting investments such as stocks, real estate, businesses, etc. It is possible that the best way to maximize your tax benefit is to give a significant non-cash gift.

We encourage you to contact us before you liquidate to maximize the gift and realize the tax savings. We would be happy to assist you during this process—please contact our Financial Office at 614.829.5800 to make this kind of gift your next step.

What if I Have Never Given to X Church Before?

We understand that giving part of your income to a church might seem intimidating. This might seem like a big step to you because it is. We also believe that learning to trust God with your finances will be a significant step in your growth spiritually and financially. Just know that we believe that God returns all kinds of blessings in our lives when we invest in His purpose (see Malachi 3:8-10; 2 Cor 9:6-12). If you would like to start giving and begin your journey of faith and spiritual development – click here.