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Prayer Requests

  • healing

    please pray that I heal my soul face and my brain from alien manipulation and send away the enemy from my mind to stop the enemy and protect me from the aliens of abduction of my brain Viola Cleo Bradshaw soul with a path of Salvation and cancel all unholy and ungodly soul ties and heal my God particle in my brain which was brain hacked and dream hacked and help me organize my money properly and stop the demons with angels of God. Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy

  • pray for the soul of Jose Puig Casimiro

    pray for the soul of my father=Jose Puig Casimiro to rest in peace with our God in heaven.

  • prayer

    Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, A-men.

  • Prayer for our mom please

    Out Mom had a stroke 2 weeks ago, and went from the hospital to Lanfair rehab center. She still has a lot of mobility issues and often feels defeated. Please pray for strength for her body and for her spirit.

  • My kid

    We need our backyard fence fixed qe have Wzra and he took off the morning with mari was 2 streets overs in a store buying candy. We need post, and holes dug and concrete and the fence put back together which we have.

  • Prayer for divine intervention

    Kindly pray for me and my family that God will have mercy, protect, deliver me and my family from the wicked who are bulling, spiritually tormenting and oppressing our lives: Temitope Kehinde Adebiyi Ogunyemi, Taiwo Adebiyi-Babatunde, Idowu Adebiyi, their mother Oluyemi Adebiyi, Omotosho Horatius, Opeyemi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Pelumi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Abayomi Kehinde-Adebiyi, Ayo Kehinde-Adebiyi, Omotayo Oluwatoyin Jemilat, Paulina Dinya, Opeyemi Faisal, Ojuolape Safiat, Naolat Omotayo, Kikelomo Adetoun and ALL their evil coven associates.
    Temitope Kehinde Adeniyi-Ogunyemi an evil witch has said that she’s bigger than God, that she won’t stop oppressing me and my family, that she can do anything she wants that God cannot fight for HIS children.
    Father Lord let the powers of this evil woman over my life, my family and over our souls be destroyed completely. Amen
    Oh Lord where are you? Lord I have no one else to turn to. A mother may forget her suckling child but you promised not to forget me. Lord please deliver me and my family from all evil curses the wicked have placed on our lives. Let all owners of evil load carry their loads in Jesus Christ Name. Lord please let our souls be made whole in Jesus Name and let the works of the enemy be destroyed completely in Jesus name. Amen Thank you Lord

  • Battle with anxiety

    I’ve been battling with anxiety on a daily basis lately. I’ve never been one to worry so much but lately I’ve just been on edge about every little ache and pain I feel. Normal things like breathing I tend to focus on instead of trusting the maker that he made my lungs perfectly fine. Depression and anxiety kind of go together so along with the anxiety I get depressed especially in the evening, I’ve been single for a long time, and I’m trying to be content with that but it’s difficult. Just need prayers for peace and contentment, and a stronger trust in God.

  • Work & Co-workers

    Please be praying for Russ and my work environment. There is a lot going on, and it’s very stressful. We’ve had high turnover the past few months and it’s very difficult to find good people who will show up to work. Also, my co-worker Chris has been going through a lot personally and really needs prayer for himself and for safety of his children.

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