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Crossroads Church is now X Church

Crossroads Church is now X Church 1024 576 X Church

Crossroads Church is now X Church

Crossroads Church is now X Church

On January 20th, we announced that we’ve changed our name from Crossroads Church to X Church.  Whether you love it or you hate it, we wanted to give you a conversational walk through of why we would change our name after being successfully established as Crossroads for over a decade.

To hear the full conversation, you can listen to “Episode 1: New Name. New Future.” of our X Church Podcast by clicking the link below!

Why would we make such a significant change after nearly 16 years of ministry under the name Crossroads?

Back in 2002 when Pastor Tim first decided to name this church Crossroads Church, there weren’t many other churches or organizations named “Crossroads”.  Over the years though, MANY churches, businesses and YouTube channels named themselves the same and so began our struggle.  A unique name like “X Church” definitely helps us to stand out and not be confused with everyone else.  But it also better shows the uniqueness we feel our church has.  We felt if we were to change our name, changing it before we build our broadcast facility is just the right time to do it.

How did we come up with the name X Church?

“X” has been a part of our church and logo design for years, even if you didn’t notice it.  From nicknaming our church “Xroads” to the “X” in our Build The House design… “X” has been a part of our church for some time.  It may feel new to some but this name change has been a natural evolution from our logo and who we are as a church.

What is the significance of the letter X?

It’s simple.  The capital letter X in the Greek represents Christ.  This spiritual meaning, more than its uniqueness or significance in our branding, is the most important to us.  Representing Christ is solely what we are about – it’s Christ Church.

What would you say to someone who has special memories of Crossroads?

The name “Crossroads” is still special to us.  It’s our story – our heritage.  Even though we changed the name of our church, it doesn’t mean it takes away our history.  It’s been humbling throughout the years seeing how many people who have been impacted by our church and memorialize what God has done by buying merchandise, putting decals on their cars, getting tattoos… But it’s time for us to move forward.

What does it take to change something this big?

Making a big change like this is, well, expensive and it takes a lot of time.  Think of all of the shirts, pens, signs, legal documents, cards, books, social media handles and forms that would have to be changed in an organization this large. It’s a lot!  Our Creative Team and Lead Team have been hard at work over the past six months making changes to things you see when you walk in the door to things you may never see but help us to function from week to week.  Though the work has been tedious, having a goal that will unify us even more makes it completely worth it!

How does just changing the name represent a New Future for us?

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more about the changes that we are making through Pastor Tim’s messages, podcasts and blogs.  It’s more than just a new name.  It feels like we are stepping into a new ministry.  Our mission and vision of reaching people will always be the same, we are just changing how we do it.  Changing something as big as our name gave us the license to change everything else under the hood.  God has given us fresh insight and direction on where we are going and how to care for our people.  In the Bible, whenever God would rename someone, it was indicative to a new destiny.  We truly believe the best is yet to come!

We encourage you, especially if you are on the fence about this change, to stick around for the next few weeks and really hear our heart.  We are still the same church.  God is doing something incredible here and we would love for you to be a part of it!