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The Church & Money

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The Church & Money

Pastor Tim shared within a four week series what God’s vision for our finances looks like.  Learn more about why us talking about money at church is so important.

To hear the full conversation, you can listen to Episode Four of the X Church Podcast by clicking the button below!

Why talk about stewardship?

Whether we like it or not, money is always on our minds.  We think about how much is coming in, where it’s going, and how much is left.  As much as we end up thinking about it, we don’t always appreciate when others talk about it or tell us what to do with it, especially when it’s the Church.  

So, why talk about it?  It’s simple – Jesus talked about it.  A lot!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” // Matthew 6:21

God wants to be first in our lives, which also means our finances.  Good stewardship can be challenging but when we put God first and manage the rest well, there’s a blessing that comes with it.

Why does talking about money make people uncomfortable?

If discussing a certain topic makes you uncomfortable, it may be because that area of your life might not be in alignment with God.  Whether it’s money, a relationship, sin, an addiction – if talking about it makes you feel uneasy, then that may be an indication that there is a problem there and it should be addressed. 

In addition to that, we are taught from society that people just want our money.  Some of us might feel uncomfortable because of stories we’ve heard about how money was manipulated in churches and about how some pastors have stolen money or used it to buy luxurious expenses.  Maybe you helped a cause or gave money to an organization where the person who convinced you used the Gospel or Jesus as manipulation into giving more.  These are all justifiable reasons why some feel uncomfortable talking about money at church.
What do you say to the people who have been hurt in the past?
It is always hard to trust again after you lose trust in someone or someone who represents an institution.
If this happened to you before at a church and you don’t feel like you can trust the leader anymore, don’t stay where you can’t trust.  But at the same time, don’t hold onto it when you move to a new church.  Just because you had a bad meal at one restaurant does not mean every restaurant serves bad meals.
Why does God care about our money?

Money is God’s greatest competitor for our heart and God doesn’t like to compete for our attention.  What we treasure the most (for a lot of people that is money and the things it buys us and the security is offers us) is linked to our hearts.

Jesus Himself said in Matthew 6:24, “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”

Don’t receive this wrong – money is not a bad thing.  But when money leads our life rather than Jesus, we are missing something.  God has called us to steward what He has blessed us with – God’s the owner, we’re the manager.

There's a tension that exists when you put God first in your finances. How can we work through that tension?

When money is talked about, there’s always a tension.  There’s a tension about giving the tithe to God.  There’s a tension with spending the 90 wisely.

The best thing you can do to alleviate this tension is to consistently build the discipline of putting God first.  Not living beyond your needs.  Saving money for the unexpected, your future and dreams.  Being generous with what God has given you.

How does our church help assist you in putting God first?

As a church, we want to help you experience the freedom and blessing that God gives us.  It definitely takes a step of faith to put God first.  You’re literally giving up the first and best of your finances with not knowing what will come next, be sure you can have a credit card that meets all your needs for this you can check Meijer credit card review.  But that is the picture God has provided for us throughout Scripture.

If you’re in a situation where your debt seems so high and you won’t ever be able to get out from under it, know that you can with God’s help.  It will take a lot of discipline and sacrifice.  Be willing to let go and give up something you love that might be pushing you to live beyond your means.

Listening to what the world says that you should be spending your money on isn’t always wise.  Jesus wants us to live a life of blessing and overflow.  The church is here to help you walk in that freedom.

What eternal perspective can we gain from trusting God with our finances?

When it comes to finances, we all need a fresh perspective.

The very best financial advise we can give to you is to invest in God’s kingdom.  There’s a joy that comes with it that can never be taken away, lost or wasted.  You are storing your riches in eternity when you are obedient in this.  God can do so much more with our money that what we can ever imagine.

We trust God to provide for our church.  We don’t need your money.  We want you to experience the freedom that only God can give.

Why is giving to your local church so important?

Our goal as a church is to reach thousands and give away millions.  We are well on our way to achieving that!

We allocate at least 10% of our money to Outreach every year.  We want our church to be a place where when we see a need in the community that is not being met by government programs or grant, we are able to provide and help people.  It is through our outreach and giving over anything else that shows the Gospel and the love of God.  It is because God’s irrationally generous grace that we are irrationally generous.

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