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X Church Changeover – FAQ

X Church Changeover – FAQ 1024 576 X Church

X Church Changeover - FAQ

We wanted to take some time to answer a few questions that have been asked as we are transitioning from “Crossroads Church” to “X Church”.  There will be more information to come over the course of the next few weeks! Hope this helps!

When will Crossroads Church officially change to X Church?

We made the official change when Pastor Tim announced it on January 20, 2019!

Will CCKids Ministry change its name as well?

Yes – CCKids is now X Kids!

What will this Sunday be like?

Like any normal Sunday at our church… just without all of the “Crossroads” branding.

Will the Crossroads.TV App change or will I have to download a new app?
The app will stay the same. Changes are being made but it takes time. Depending on your settings, it will either automatically update or you will have to update it in the App Store or Google Play.
Why has some stuff online been changed to X Church and some still hasn’t?
Here’s the short answer: changing the name of your organization takes time.
Some things take longer than others. Be patient with us!
What should we do with our old Crossroads gear?
Even though we changed the name of our church, “Crossroads” is still a part of our story.  You can keep your stuff as a keepsake, throw it away or donate it to Goodwill – we don’t care!
We will have new X Church merchandise available for you to purchase as well as a FREE shirt that we will give away the first week of X Church (January 27th).
How should I respond to someone who doesn’t like the name change?
We knew that not everybody would like the name change.  It’s okay to not like it!
We encourage you to be respectful of one another and handle situations with love and grace.

If you’d like to know more about our name change, please check out our blog/podcast by clicking the button below!