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X University

On January 27th, Pastor Tim talked about how he wants everyone to mature in their faith.  Learn more about the growth track we created called X University and how it will help you take your next step.

To hear the full conversation, you can listen to Episode Three of our X Church Podcast by clicking the link below!

Pastor Tim made the statement: your spiritual growth is your responsibility. What does he really mean by that and how does that fit with Jesus’ statement to go and make disciples?

Pastor Tim believes that growth happens naturally in a healthy environment.  Our focus is to create those healthy environments so that people can grow.  When someone is a “spiritual infant”, so to speak, and is new in their relationship with God, it makes sense that they could or should be “spoon-fed” for awhile.

But there comes a time when they have to start feeding themselves.  Just as we cannot survive on one meal per week, we cannot continually grow with only one interaction with God on Sunday mornings.  We need to take ownership of our own spiritual growth and seek multiple ways to grow in our faith.  There is so much to learn about what it means to follow Christ and there are endless resources out there that you can use to grow in your faith.

When it’s all said and done, it’s not about how much you know, it’s about what you put into practice.  We can point you in the right direction but you have to take the step and put those beliefs into action.

If we are ultimately responsible for our own spiritual growth, then what are the responsibilities of the church leaders and pastors?
We are each personally responsible for the Great Commission.  At the time Jesus gave us this mission, there was no official Church (See Acts 1:8).  It’s because of this that we reject the notion that it is the pastor’s or leader’s responsibility.

Since we are individually called to make disciples, it should also be the focus of the church.   When we come together collectively, we can do it better together than we can alone.  As Pastor Tim has said before, he is here to point people and to say “this is what it means to follow Jesus.”  He is here to present The Gospel in a way that everybody can grasp and get something from.  Our ministry is called to equip people and that is exactly what we are doing through XU.

What is X University? How did it originate? What are the steps? How will it help people grow?

XU came to be when our Lead Team gathered together to evaluate how we can improve our ministry and better help get people on the path to God.  People are looking to the church and staff to point them in the right direction, so we have to ask if we are creating an environment where that can happen.

We as X Church take ownership of the discipleship process in creating those environments; XU gives people a clear path to knowing how to take steps in certain areas, and it allows for direction with growth and development (but again, you have to choose to pursue your own growth).  While discipleship is fluid and varies from person to person, X University has the ability to create a system of discipleship where we can see people gathering and helping others take steps.

XU is made up of four steps that equip you to follow Jesus, connect at church, discover your purpose and serve others.

The first step in X University is all about who we are as a church.  In this, much like our previous program All Access, you get to learn about our culture, our vision and our values.  It gives the people of our church an opportunity to connect to the soul of the ministry.

The second step is helping connect people to God and to following Jesus.  While it is a lifelong journey, this step engages people regardless of how long they have been following Jesus.  During this step, our goal is to create an environment where you can have conversations about how to get in a rhythm of following Jesus and how to approach the Bible, reading plans and devotionals.  Even if you’ve been in church a long time and don’t need the basics, there are still people in the class that need to hear your journey and hear what has been effective in your life.

The third step is all about you and how God made you.  We are all wired differently for a reason and a purpose.  This step is to help you discover what makes you unique and for us to connect you to serve in a place where you can use the gifts God has given you.  We will provide spiritual gift and personality tests to assist with this step.

The fourth step is about connecting you to the church.  In this step, we will introduce you to Team Leaders and jump start your transition into serving.  Our goal is to show you first hand the mission of X Church.  Once you complete this final step, you will officially graduate from X University and will receive further information about X Nights!

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