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THE path to getting involved at X Church

X University guides you on your path with God and helps you live the life God created for you. XU is made up of four sections that equip you to follow Jesus, connect at church, discover your purpose, and serve others. Graduating from XU is a big deal!  We offer XU once per month at each campus. 

XU Steps

A 4-hour experience to connect people to who we are, who God is and who they are.

Let’s meet. In Step One, you will learn about the mission, vision and values of X Church and get an opportunity to meet your Campus Pastor.

Learn about following Jesus. In Step Two, we will talk about what following Jesus looks like and how we can help you take your next step in your faith journey.  

Step Three is all about YOU.   In this step, we will help you discover the personality and gifts that God gave you and how you can use them to make a difference in this world.

Find your place here! In Step Four, you will get to meet all of your campus staff and see what it looks like to become a Servant Leader at X Church.

X Nights

Once you complete XU and become a Servant Leader you get to attend X Night. X Night is an exclusive event for our community of Servant Leaders to get vision and inspiration for the next SZN in our church.