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Who We Are

Although all churches have been commissioned to make disciples for Jesus, not all churches go about it the same way. We are intentional about creating a culture that reaches those who are spiritually searching for God. This culture is defined by what we truly value. The Values of X Church are made up of 7 statements that identify who we are and how we approach ministry. You could say it is the DNA of X Church.

    • The Gospel is our Priority: The Gospel of Jesus will always be first in our lives and in our message. We will say “no” to many good things in order to do what’s most important. We refuse to let the message of the Gospel be hijacked by anything else. It is our Priority.
    • People are our Purpose: People matter to God and therefore matter to us. Every single person that walks through our doors is someone Jesus died to rescue. We value people over systems and programs. They are our Purpose.
    • The Lost are our Passion: Jesus would leave the ninety-nine to find the one. So will we. We are unapologetic about reaching people who are far from God. We do everything with this person in mind. This is what fuels our faith. This is our Passion.
    • Excellence is our Presentation: God is in the details, and so are we. We believe that excellence honors God and inspires others. The calling is significant, therefore nothing is insignificant. We embrace a spirit of excellence. It is our Presentation.
    • Servant Leadership is our Position: Jesus didn’t come to be served, but to serve. So should we. We elevate our calling over our gifting. We believe that if you are too big to serve, you are too small to lead. We get to lead because we choose to serve. It is our Position.
    • Generosity is our Privilege: We have freely received, so we freely give. Our response to God’s irrational grace is a life of irrational generosity. We choose to be generous with our time, energy and finances. It is our Privilege.
    • Honor is our Posture: Honoring others honors God. We will look for every opportunity to honor people with our words and our actions. We will give honor to those God has placed over us, beside us, and under our care and leadership. Respect is earned, but honor is given. It is our Posture.