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Prayer Requests

  • To much at once

    My husband left me a few months ago he has did nothing but cheat off an on for the 6 yrs we was together. On the 30th we meet so he can look over the papers so we can file for divorce. It's been really emotional for me. Then today my mother started on me with drama. I feel like I'm ready to just break. It's always something anymore plus knowing that my husband is out with other women an then telling everyone he met someone an is ready to move on that fast is crazy. It's so much at once. I need prayers for this nightmare that just keeps getting added too. I have so much good in my life but the bad just takes over everything I should be thankful for.

  • Healing

    In my relationship with my father

  • Foster nieces

    Please pray for my twin foster nieces (they are toddlers). They have been in the loving home of my brother and sister law for the last few months as foster children. They started visits with their biological mother this week and have regressed since the visits started. Please ask for their continued safety, God’s will over their future, and someone in their life they can count on.

  • Wayward Son

    I'd like to request prayer for my son Alex. He was raised in the church. His father and I divorced when he was 9 but we both still took him to church no matter which one of us he was with. He's now 23 and is so far away from God that it's not even funny. He claims that he was "forced" to go to church and that he doesn't see any use for it anymore. He says that God has never done anything for him and blames God for all the bad going on his life right now. When I say that I pray for him every single day and night, that's not an exaggeration. I worry so much that he will NEVER come back to God and will continue down the slippery slope that he's been on for many years and be totally and completely lost. Please pray that my boy finds his way back to God and that he fully and completely turn his eyes and heart to Him.

    1. Bekah Dawson

      Praying for you & Alex!

  • Brittany

    Please pray for my girlfriend Britt, as she’s struggling more and more with her mental health.

  • My daughter

    Please pray for my 9yr old daughter Isabella. She has a congenital heart defect and will undergo her 2nd open heart surgery next week. She was only 6 when she had her last surgery so she doesn't remember much. Needless to say she's really scared this time. Please pray for peace in her heart and in our family. I know God is in control.

  • Mom has a broken hip

    Please pray for my mom, Linda. She had a stroke several years ago and has recently fallen and broken her hip. There is also a possibility that she will become clinically depressed by this setback.

  • My mom broke her hip

    We just received word last night that my mom fractured her hip and will be getting a partial hip replacement in the near future. Please pray for the doctors to have wisdom in her treatment plan.

    1. Joy Hughes

      Complete healing prayers for your mother!!!

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