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Following Jesus was never supposed to be a one-time decision rather it’s a lifetime of taking steps. We understand though how hard it can be to take that step or even know where to begin! Our mobile app is here to help you take the next steps in your faith journey. Your app is unique to you, including a personalized homepage that makes it easy for you to engage with the church and grow your faith.

Click the video and follow along with Pastor Zach as he gives a quick overview of all the features the X Church App has to offer.


Do I need a username/password to access my personalized homepage?

No! The app will have you enter either a current email or phone number and if we have your information in our system already (there’s a good chance we do) you will get a code to log in. If we don’t have any of your information you will get prompted to create your profile and then you’ll be able to access your homepage.

My information is incorrect! How do I fix it?

Find the “My Information” section and hit the “Edit Profile” button. This will take you to a form that you can make the changes to your information that you wish to make. Please allow 4-6 hours for these changes to update in the app. If you still have changes you are unable to make please email

What are these blue badges?

These blue badges represent the “path” or the “steps” that we think are valuable for you to take in your faith journey here at X Church. While not comprehensive, as you take steps to light up these badges we believe that you will yourself growing closer to Jesus and getting more connected to the community here at X Church.

Why is my _____ badge not lit up?

Good question! There is specific criteria you need to meet in order to light up your badge. You can find that criteria here!

If you are still having issues with your badges lighting up you can email


Message Notes with X Church written small around it several times

Message notes are available exclusively on the X Church app. Download the app to follow along during the experiences and refer back to it during the week. You can save your notes or email them to yourself.


screenshot of media player with Personalized Media Experience on the bottom

Coming in SZN 2 you will be able to access a personalized media page that will allow you to go back into the archives of our messages and podcasts. You will find recommendations tailored from your viewing history, search features based on topics, speakers, and scripture. And study guides for each message to help you process what you are learning. You will also find our new X Church labs (Deep dives into faith topics) on the new media page as well.

For now you can find links to past messages, podcasts, and X WRSHP in the media tab.